June 27



One of the big things making news these days are those pesky “drones”.

I read a couple articles by various local TV stations and people are getting annoyed with drones and their privacy being invaded by them.  According to one article, the government is seeking to ban “drones” in 400 national parks.  Private drones, that is- quadcopters.   The government can still fly their drones overhead though, so fear not, your privacy won’t be invaded there.

There are so many levels that I could rant on about this.  I’ll keep it short though.

These quadcopters, hexcopters and on, should not be that high on the list of things to worry about.  Sure, they can carry cameras.  Sure, they can be used in a manner for which they weren’t intended.  So can anything in society.  I used to fly radio controlled aircraft, mainly fixed wing airplanes, but attaching a camera to a R/C aircraft is nothing new folks!  R/C helicopters have had cameras attached for years but they were often cumbersome to fly.  R/C airplanes even had cameras attached.  Yes, these new fangled personal drones of surveillance and military operations that you and I can go out and buy for $1,000 or less make aerial photography a whole lot easier, but it’s nothing new!

The media is sensationalizing the word “drone”.  Until media called them drones, they were known primarily to enthusiasts as quadcopters and hexcopters.  Drones became a big topic when our government decided to start using them inside our borders.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) took the title of “Drone” and became a bad thing.  Don’t get me wrong, they have their place in this world, but their reach has been far overused.  Many people re-associated the word drone to a R/C hobby aircraft.  So now we see all of these stories of drones and how big and bad they are- but they could fit in a briefcase.

Banning them in national forests- I understand the desire for peaceful surroundings in national forests.  But what about someones cell phone ringing while hiking the trails?  There are far more cell phones out there that have some super annoying ringtone that pierces the silence of a peaceful stroll.  We have bigger issues, folks.  What about the real drones, or UAV’s if you will, of the government / military buzzing over these national parks, or metropolitan areas.  Those things are noisier than a quadcopter any day.

What about the over reaching government?  I don’t need you to protect me from myself.  If I buy a quadcopter and do something stupid with it, I’ll pay the price.  Just as if I drink and drive, steal, commit fraud… whatever.

Leave it to those who bitch and complain about their personal liberties to tell me what personal liberties I should be allowed- only the ones that fit into their design and don’t accost them any discontent.  Leave it to those who preach tolerance yet who are intolerant of anything they may not fully support.

This rant could really go on several tangents and consume a lot of space.  I digress.