June 9

Jay in General

No third person mumbo-jumbo here. 🙂

I’ve lived in Fayette County, Ohio most of my life, except for a 2 year stint I moved over a county to Madison.  Growing up, we moved fairly frequently.  I am the son of a blue collar family with one sister.  Now grown (at least physically and by the years I have been present on the third rock from the sun), I have my own family- a wife, daughter and a son (I call the kids my minions- we are BIG “Despicable Me” fans).

I have found my way in I.T., or Information Technology.  Currently I am employed at an online k-12 charter school.  In the past I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies, several small-town companies and was an entrepreneur starting up a successful computer repair and technology solutions company in my home town.  I bowed out of the business ownership thing back in 2011 (after 3 very successful years), but the business is still going strong in the hands of a good friend and former partner.

I thoroughly enjoy watching my kids grow, albeit sad at times watching how fast time goes by.  I enjoy boating, motorcycling, flying radio control aircraft, shooting (trap and handgun mostly) and spending time with family and friends.